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Bill's Priorities

2015 Legislation

Jobs & Economic Development

Bill understands that after a deep national recession that has affected families across the state, the top priority for state government must be helping Tennesseans get back to work while simultaneously instituting a plan for long-term economic growth. The overarching goal for Bill’s administration is making Tennessee the No. 1 state in the Southeast for high quality jobs.

Bill makes a point to constantly listen to the folks who are "on the ground" creating jobs in Tennessee. Between meeting with small business owners, economic development professionals, and local government and community leaders to visiting job sites and touring factories, Bill wants to hear first-hand what state government could be doing better to help grow jobs in the state. If you have an idea for Bill, please contact him

Education & Workforce Development

Bill is a strong advocate for education reform, and he is working alongside teachers, parents, and education leaders to make sure the innovative changes that have been made in recent years to our K-12 and higher education systems are implemented effectively and that we successfully capitalize on the momentum that exists right now in education. We have raised expectations for our students, but we now must help them succeed at a higher level by continuing to advance bold reforms and innovations while providing communities and educators the tools and resources necessary to improve student achievement.

Bill has made college access and success a priority, and he is committed to helping every region raise educational attainment rates and enhance their workforce development efforts through innovative public/private partnerships. Bill knows that in order to prepare Tennesseans for a competitive 21st century economy, we must create a more seamless path between high school, post secondary education or training, and the workforce.

Conservative Fiscal Leadership

Bill brings a track record of sound public and private sector financial management as well as successful job recruitment to the Governor's Office. He is using his experience to get our state through difficult economic times while keeping taxes low and fostering the business-friendly environment that will be critical to continued job growth. Bill understands that families and businesses have had to make sacrifices, and likewise, state government must be forced to prioritize. By making tough decisions, managing the state budget conservatively, and guiding our state finances back to a position of strength, Bill is helping our state compete in a global economy and attract the jobs of the future to Tennessee.

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