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As a part of the Careers NOW program agreement, participants are required to prepare a research project related to their department's work or Tennessee State Government in general. The project culminates with a formal presentation to the constitutional officers, representatives of the participant's schools, the Careers NOW sponsoring committee, and key department staff at the end of the program luncheon. Since many students participating in the program receive academic credit, other documentation of the project (such as a written paper, journal, etc.) will depend on the course requirements of each academic institution.
  • Help fulfill the academic requirements of the program by having the students research a public policy or public administration issue of topical interest related to their internship experience;
  • Deepen and broaden the participant’s knowledge about state government beyond their normal, daily work experiences;
  • Provide an opportunity to work with other interns, often from different backgrounds and different schools, in a team effort on a substantive topic; and
  • Enhance formal presentation skills before a professional audience.
Typically students are divided into teams by constitutional office although at times the composition of the teams may be decided by other factors such as the number of participants assigned to each office. Time will be allotted throughout the course of the program to work on the project. However, students should also anticipate devoting some time outside of regular work hours, much as one would a homework assignment, to complete the project.
The topic should be decided early in the program and submitted to the Careers NOW director and sponsoring committee for approval. Students are given considerable flexibility to choose a topic of interest to them personally and in the format of the presentation. For example, in addition to standard verbal presentations, students may wish to consider a short play, panel discussions, videotaped presentations, poster boards with drawings, or other creative media for the final presentation. If a traditional verbal presentation is used, it should be accompanied by illustrative media such as written handouts, overhead displays, or computer generated displays such as PowerPoint graphics. The length of the presentation should be approximately eight to ten minutes and should include participation by each member of the project team. Business dress for the presentation is required.

The topic should be related to the work activities of the constitutional offices or a policy issue of topical interest at the time. Student should avoid topics that are particularly controversial. In all instances, students should offer a balanced and objective discussion of the topic that accurately describes the problem, explores both sides of the issue, and illustrates the pros and cons of each potential strategy or solution.

These guidelines are intended to offer general guidance and expectations for the projects. Students are expected to work closely with the Careers NOW director throughout the course of the program to resolve any questions or problems related to the project completion.