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If you are an entity that in some aspect is currently not in compliance with the State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property laws we provide an opportunity for you to come into compliance.

The Unclaimed Property Division wants to encourage companies that are not compliant with the law to begin on the road to compliance. Your admittance in our CDA program will waive any possible penalties you would incur.

  • Who's Eligible
  • What is Required
  • Why Should I Complete a CDA?


Any company who is willing to come into compliance with the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act and is willing to file a full and complete report of all dormant property is eligible. The company can not currently be under audit or have been selected by the State of Tennessee for an audit.


You must complete, sign and return the CDA in its entirety to the State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property Division. Once we receive your CDA we will review it to make sure it is complete and that you have not already been selected for an audit. If approved we will then sign and date the agreement between your company or entity and the State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property Division.


We are aware that there are several various reasons a company may be in noncompliance and that most companies or entities want to comply with the law. Under the CDA agreement the State of Tennessee Unclaimed Property Division will waive the penalties that are subject to you.